League leaders after the first round, Bracknell Athletic Club will have undoubtedly strengthened their position following last Sundays’ match. Competing at the John Nike Stadium, in Division Two West, of the Southern Athletic League, Bracknell won their second fixture, in spectacular fashion.

Scoring 246 points, the combined Men and... more

Well it was good weather for ducks! Athletes – less so. Thank you to everyone for keeping spirits high, smiles on faces and giving it your all. Our resilient Pole Vaulters need special mention again for giving it a go, these fearless and brave young souls have my full respect. Well done to Sam Aaron, Jonah McCafferty, Freya Jones and Abbie... more

Bracknell athletes picked up 87 medals at the county championships, of which 32 were gold, over 60 PBs.

Three new relay records were set in Andover on 16 Apr 16.

Rebecca Watkins, Lauren Shaw, Hannah McClay and Phoebe Fenwick, ran 50.2 for a U20W 4x100 record.

Lucy Rogers, Emily Spencer-Jones, Emily Read and Hannah McClay, ran 4:12.5 for a U20W 4x400 record.

Connor Breslin, Harry Henson, Ryan Brackstone and Calum Wesley ran 3:... more

Paula Russell (Field Judge/Parent) and Kathryn Truswell (Assiatant Coach/Parent) both ran the VLM on Sunday 24th April, Kathryn crossed the line in 4:10:01 with Paula comming in with 5:21:08.