Games Force Award for sports volunteering

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Six of our young athletes continued their journey on the England Athletics Gamechanger programme which has sponsored them to gain their EA Coaching Assistant award. On Saturday Natasha Bennett, Orla Breslin, Charlotte Johnson, Becky Watkins, Phoebe Roberts and Josh Zeller, Julian and I had a 4 hour interactive and fun session with London Youth Games where they gained their Games Force Award in Sports volunteering. The session was active, engaging and really useful, making them all think more about their coaching style, methods and expectations as well as the organisation that is needed for sports events. In addition it made them consider the skills, qualities and values of a sports volunteer they all set targets to work on, firstly identifying their strengths and then the areas they feel would be useful to develop further. It looked at verbal and non verbal communication and helped them consider how a code of conduct can be established and developed to benefit future coaching.

I would like to say a huge congratulations to them all - they were all fully engaged and worked hard. The celebratory Nando's after was well deserved!