AVG Match 3 Reading

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We hope everyone who attended the AVG match yesterday at Reading AC had a successful and enjoyable day.  We are delighted to announce that yesterday we came 1st in EVERY scoring age group and (therefore) overall.

We would like to thank not only those who scored but also all those who attended as a non scoring athlete, Official (they score points too!), Coach, Photographer, parent/guardian and any other supporter - everyone contributed to a great atmosphere and a successful team.

Please check the provisional results sheet & advise urgently if there are any errors (BACavl.manager@gmail.com).

We await the results from the other AVG match that took place in Aldershot yesterday; this will provide confirmation of our final ranking in each (scoring) age group and overall position in the league over the past 3 matches.

The top 5 clubs will go on to compete for the Trophy at the final in September (with the other 5 clubs competing for the Plate) - we fully expect BAC will be competing for the Trophy.

Either way, all 10 AVG clubs will be competing at the same venue in Basingstoke, on the same day.  This promises to be a great competition, much bigger than the previous 3 and with significantly more 'buzz'

We look forward to seeing many of you there!
Sue & Andy
BAC AVG Team Managers