2016 YDL Match 4 Eton

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A beautiful day on Saturday at the Thames Valley Athletics Centre saw Bracknell AC finish 4th in the final YDL Match of this season, & as a result secure our Premier League 1 South status for next season.  To put this into context:  this season has seen Bracknell AC’s young athletes compete in the Premier League 1 South for the first time in the Club’s history.  This is the highest competitive level for their age groups in Southern England, & they have all been a credit to themselves, their Coaches & Bracknell AC.  Every available point has been contested, often by young Girls & Boys willing to try a new event outside of their normal specialism & compete for valuable extra points against specialist athletes from our competitor Clubs.  Team spirit has been excellent & both Caroline & I are very proud to be Team Managers of such a talented & committed squad.

The final YDL Premier League 1 South table is below (subject to approval from YDL).  We would all like to congratulate both Southampton AC and Blackheath & Bromley AC for securing a place in this season’s YDL National Final.  WSEH AC also have the chance of a place via a paper match against teams from the Midlands & Northern divisions.  All three of these Clubs (along with Reading AC) did a great job of hosting the four matches in this season’s YDL, & Good Luck to all in the National Final.  Tonbridge AC & our near neighbours Reading AC will be relegated to Premier League 2 South for next season, & we are yet to see official confirmation of who will replace them, although favourites will be City of Portsmouth AC & Havering AC.



League Points

Match Points


Southampton AC




Blackheath & Bromley AC








Bracknell AC




Tonbridge AC




Reading AC



On to the highlights of the final match on Saturday 16th July at TVAC.  The hot weather was great for some & a hindrance to others, but as usual 100% was given by all & we thank each and every one of our Athletes for their effort.

U13 Girls Report by Caroline.

Six new PBs today:  Congratulations to Lucy James for her PB in both the 70m Hurdles & Javelin, Jessica Hatch for a PB in the Shot, Kitty Mair for her PB in the Long Jump, Darcey Cooper in the 75m & Francesca Blackwell in the 800m.

Individual event winners:  Lauren Mulliner & Lucy James in the 70m Hurdles.  Well done to both.

For the U13 girls Lucy James has to be the U13 champion of the season with PB's pouring out the wood work in her 70m Hurdles, Javelin, Shot and 75m sprints, in addition proving a reliable and strong leg 2 on the relay.  Hannah Stone has showed grit and determination running some lovely 75m and 150m races this season and bringing in the baton on the 4th leg of the 4 x 100m relay, also long jumping for the team when needed, thank you.  Lauren Mulliner's strength has been her hurdles breaking the club record and with another season in this age group showing huge potential.  Her sprints have been super particularly her 75m.  Lauren Watkins has again hurdled with flair and her sprints have been good, this despite suffering from an ongoing injury.  Darcey Fleming has continued to show her potential as both a sprinter and 800m girl.  Kitty Mair is dynamite on the 800m leg and a pretty mean long jumper too!  Lucy Hall and Nathalie Camp has run both 800m and 1200m this season putting in solid performances and both bringing their times down.  Maddison Grandin and  Francesca Blackwell  running as NS doing the 800m have consistently lowered their times all season, well done ladies.

On the field supporting Lucy James and missed on this final match has been Isabella Izod with the pair making a formidable throwing duo.  Jessica Hatch many thanks for stepping up this last match and doing both the Shot and Javelin, in addition to giving the high jump a turn together with Lauren Mulliner.  Lucy Griffiths missing this final match has been a solid A string in both the high jump and long jump all season, well done for some super PB's.

U15 Girls Report by Caroline.

Twelve new PBs today:  Congratulations to both Emma Morris and Charlotte Johnson for new PBs in the 200m.  Emma also got a new PB in the Long Jump.  Lottie Ambridge for two PBs in both the 300m and the 800m, Millie Wills for a new PB in the 1500m, Chante Williams for two PBs in the 75m Hurdles and Javelin, Abigail Miller for two PBs in the Hammer & Discus, Imogen Cook for 100m & Charlotte Rice for 800m.

Individual event winners:  Kaya Sittampalam Main and Lottie Ambridge in the 800m and Millie Wills in the 1500m.

For the U15 Girls, Chante Williams has gone from strength to strength this season consistently putting out solid performances in the Hurdles, 100m, leg 4 of the 4 x100m relay and Javelin.  Orla Breslin has been a solid leg 2 on the 100m relay with consistent 100m sprints.  Her high jump peaked at 1.50m this season.  Natasha Bennett whilst poorly for this last match has consistently ran some cracking 200m times this season, her 75mH have been reliable and strong for all the matches and her 300m developing well.  Her contribution to the 300m relay team superb.  Hannah Roberts also missing this match needs a special mention for her ability to keep on getting PB's in both her 300m and 800m.  Like Natasha Bennett, Charlotte Johnson and Lottie Ambridge she was part of the winning 4 x300m relay team that broke the club record not once but twice this season.  Emma Morris has grown tremendously as an athlete this season with superb times for both her 100m and 200m, I was also very grateful for her stepping in to the long jump for this final match.  Charlotte Johnson has been a consistent 300m lady and I am grateful for her superb contribution to the 4 x 300m relay team.  I was delighted with her performance in both the 200m and 300m this final match.  Thank you for stepping in.  Lottie Ambridge has been another young lady intent on putting out PB's every match with a super 300m and 800m this final match.  Kaya Sittampalam Main has run consistently all season and huge thanks for joining the 4 x 300m relay for the final match, she ran a beautiful first leg and handed over the baton first which was exactly as I had hoped!  Suzie Mair has run with grit and determination with some superb times this season in the 1500m and Hannah Read together with Amelia Wills have been a solid B string.  Imogene Cook in her debut match ran a cracking first leg of the 4 x 100m relay and got a PB in her 100m.

Onto the field for the U15 girls.  Well done to Mia Eldridge for her excellence in the Hammer, Shot and Discus.  We sorely missed you in the two matches you were unable to attend but congrats for passing your Bronze DoE.  Another reliable young lady who has kept going from strength to strength has been Maia Comley, well done for mastering the Hammer, Discus and Shot this season.  Abigail Miller has thrown some excellent Javelin this series but truly came into her own on this last match where she threw Hammer and Discus too!  Huge thanks Abi.  Thanks to Orla Breslin for throwing the Shot this final match.  In the Long Jump Yasmin Grosvenor has put out some amazing leaps this season and we missed you in this last match, her High Jump peaked at 1.50m this season and her shot at 9.44m.  Abi Sillett together with Ellie and Freya Jones deserve special mention for giving the much feared Pole Vault a shot, huge thanks to all three girls.  Special mention to Freya who got a PB of 1.90m and managed to get us points in 2 matches.  Abi Sillett also starred filling in quite last minute on a couple of occasions doing High Jump and relay, thank you.  Charlotte has jumped in the Long Jump this season twice putting out very consistent jumps.  Freya Jones has also run some consistent 800m races as a NS.

I truly hope I have mentioned all my lovely girls and apologise if I have missed anyone out, I truly haven't meant to.  I think the key that this shows me is that cheesy as it is, Team really does begin with a capital T and all the individuals that make up that team scoring from one point through to a maximum of 6 count.  You are all equally valued and important. Thank you

U13 Boys Report by Gareth.

Nine new PBs today:  Jayin Panesar had a very successful & memorable YDL debut with PBs in the 100m & 200m, & was part of the 4 x100m Relay Team along with Joel Bradford, Sam Green & Jack Benton who logged a Seasons Best of 55.8 secs.  Joel Bradford also made the most of the “sprinter friendly heat” & secured new PBs in both the 100m & 200m.  Sam Green has been recovering from injury, but ran a fantastic 75m Hurdles race with a new PB.  His day could have been ruined by an inexplicable run from a competitor in the 100m Non Scoring race, who was disqualified for running right across his lane causing Sam to have to stop & restart.  However, Sam showed great determination to put this disappointment behind him & make a huge contribution to the 4 x 100m Relay Team on 2nd Leg.  An honourable mention also goes to Ben Britton, whose YDL season has been severely hit by injury but has always been very keen to do whatever he can to help the team secure points.  Ben did this at TVAC in the 75m Hurdles A-Race, & I’m sure won’t mind me sharing that he has been selected to represent Berkshire in this event at the end of July.  Much deserved.

Our Middle Distance runners found the 25C+ heat less helpful (!), but as always Ted, Ethan, Charlie, Connor, Oliver Rice & Oliver Barrett gave it everything.  Oliver Barrett did get a new 800m PB (he must have been training on the Sun!).  Again there is great Berkshire County team news here, with Charlie Borgnis being selected for the Berkshire U13 Team at 1500m.  Brilliant news.

In the field, Josh Aaron had a great day, with two new PBs in the Javelin & the Shot.  Josh, along with Ted Enser & Oliver Rice, have only started any sort of training in these events in the past couple of months, & have all been a credit to Bracknell AC.  Connor Law secured a new PB in the High Jump, with Robbie Hadleigh equalling his PB, and in the Long Jump both Joel Bradford & Jack Benton did Bracknell AC proud, before rushing straight into the 4 x 100m Relay Team.

Individual event winners:  Jayin Panesar in the 100m & 200m B-Races (note to the Team Manager – his times would have won both A-Races!  Missed points there!) & also Sam Green in the 75m Hurdles B-Race.

The following U13 Boys missed this YDL Match,  but have contributed to the Team success this season:  Thomas Morley (Sprints & “liquid” Hurdling), Joshua Williams (Shot), Brayden Clark (1500m), Dylan Ackroyd (1500m & Shot), Nicholas Didaskalou (100m, 800m & Javelin) & Thomas D’Abreo (800m).  Many thanks to you all.

U15 Boys Report by Gareth.

Seven new PBs today:  James Miller & Luke Turner in the 200m, and Archie Glenister in the 300m.  Both our U15 Relay Teams also performed better than the scores / times show.  The 4 x 100m Team of James Miller, Luke Turner, Joe Carless & James Shefford were putting in the best performance of this season until an unfortunate handover error on the last change.  James Southard ran a great 300m race, & has been the key final leg runner of our 4 x 300m Relay Team this season so far, but was sadly unable to make the relay at TVAC.  However, Saturday’s “Fantastic Four” of Archie Glenister, Ben Macdonald, Oliver Hall & Sam Aaron did themselves huge credit.  Ben (in his 3rd event of the day), Ollie (fresh from an 800m race) & Sam (clearly injured – but determined not to let anyone down…HERO) all ran excellently, but I had to admit to Archie after the race that he had “a bit too much to do” on the final leg!  That said, he was closing the gap!  Bracknell AC never give up.  Final mention in the sprint events goes to Curtis McWilliam who was also not 100% fit, but knowing we had a shortage of Hurdlers on the day wanted to compete & secured extra points for Bracknell AC, as he has in the Hurdles all season.  Many thanks.

The U15 Middle Distance runners again focused on maintaining consciousness in the heat!  I’m glad to say Oliver, Cameron, Max, Jayden, Simon & Tony are all still alive.  Heroes all of them.  Jayden Baker secured a new PB in the 1500m & Simon Carey (also returning from a lengthy injury spell) got a new PB in the 800m.

In the field, James Gardner had his usual day!  Just the one PB in the Discus, but in gaining this he AGAIN broke his own CLUB RECORD!  Josh Mears gained a new PB in the Shot, and Joel Cable & Jonah McCafferty kept all those valuable field points coming in.  Joel too was injured, & so unable to do any more than standing throws, but again wanted to be there for the Team.  James Shefford again did the High Jump / Long Jump double, & was rewarded with a new Long Jump PB.  Joe Carless again performed admirably in the Long Jump.  Final mention goes deservedly to Ben Macdonald, who aside from the High Jump & a leg in the 4 x 300m Relay Team, once again agreed to pick up the pole for the Team & Pole Vaulted to a new PB of 2.00m!  This young man epitomises what I have come to expect from a Bracknell AC Athlete.  He is now a YDL Team Legend!  If you want to see how brave these Pole Vaulters are, take yourself to the Pole Vault area next time you are at a competition.  I spent some time there on Saturday & watched “specialist” Pole Vaulters go through clear mental anguish, battling inner demons to get themselves over the bar.  Ben – who if he is honest would prefer not to do it – has taken up this role for the Club for the past two seasons, & given the lack of any regular PV training on Club nights, has performed miracles.  His 2.00m PB was the highlight of the day for me.

Individual event winners:  James Gardner in the A-Hammer and Joshua Mears in the B-Shot.

The following U15 Boys missed this YDL Match,  but have contributed to the Team success this season:  Harry Withers (1500m), Danny Wessely (800m), James Castle (Hammer), Harry Nutman (100m) & Louis Agopian (800m).  Many thanks to you all.

Our thanks again also go to all the Parents & Officials who gave up their time to help run our allocated events.  Maximum bonus points were again secured as a result.  Many, many thanks to you all.  Thanks also to Fiona Mair & the other parents who have shared photos on the Bracknell AC website.  If anyone wants to see these, or have ones they would like to share, please do so via the website.

I close on a sad note.  Caroline Bennett, m’colleague and Girls Team Manager is handing in her clipboard at the end of the season & stepping down from her Team Manager role.  Caroline & I have worked together on the YDL for Bracknell AC for the past two seasons, during which time the Club were promoted to, & then secured a place in, the Premier League 1 for the first time in its history.  Caroline has been a tremendous Team Manager, not only co-ordinating the Girls Team but also sorting the Officials for each match.  I would like to put on record my thanks for all her great work, help & support.  Her VERY vocal screams of support will be much missed next year, but I’m sure can only add to the success we all predict for the SAL Team!

Cheers to all.  Get training for next year!