2016 YDL Match 3 Bromley

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Another fantastic performance from the Girls & Boys at Bromley today.  A great day, terrific weather, brilliant support & a really welcoming host Club – extra points should be awarded for a Beer Tent!  As we’ve come to expect – all events covered (barring a B-scorer in the Pole Vault) – so aside from the B Pole Vault, in EVERY event today the Girls & Boys scored at least 1 point.  It is great to see such a strong team ethic from the Boys & Girls, & it is typified by the willingness of our Athletes to compete in 2nd / 3rd events, outside of their normal specialism, to gain those all-important extra points for the Club.  Every one of these performances is terrific, & REALLY appreciated by the Team Managers.  It is especially important to re-emphasise to these Athletes that they are usually competing against “specialists” who focus on these events, so they should not feel disappointed by not winning.  They are all Heroes!  Every point was vital, especially when you see that we finished 4th today by a just single point.  That was YOUR DAUGHTERS/SON’S EFFORT.

The final positions today were:




Blackheath & Bromley AC




Southampton AC


Bracknell AC


Tonbridge AC


Reading AC


This leaves the League standing as:




Southampton AC



Blackheath & Bromley AC






Bracknell AC



Tonbridge AC



Reading AC




U13 Girls.

13 new Personal Bests today amongst some great performances by all the U13 Girls.

PBs at Bromley: Lauren Watkins 75m and 150m, Kitty Mair 800m, Darcey Cooper 800m, Maddison Grandin 800m, Nathalie Camp 1200m, Lucy Hall 1200m, Lucy James 70m hurdles, Shot and Javelin (busy girl!),Isabella Izod Javelin.

Lauren Mulliner 70m hurdles, this was also a win on the day and a new club record. Well done, in addition she got a PB in her 75m

    Individual winners: Lauren Mulliner and Lucy James for their hurdles, Lucy James for her Shot

U15 Girls.

Fewer PBs from our U15s when compared to the U13s.

PBs at Bromley:  Lottie Ambridge 300m, Hannah Read 1500m, Mia Eldridge hammer, Maia Comley Hammer, Abigail Miller Javelin, Chante Williams Javelin, Yasmin Grosvenor equalled her high jump PB, Freya Jones a fabulous PB and huge thanks for giving Polevault a very admirable and gutsy jump of 1.90m. In addition Freya got a PB for her 800m. Finally congrats to the U15 girls 4 x 300m relay team who got a cracking PB, a second club record this season and also a ranking of no.1 in the UK. Well done Charlotte Johnson, Lottie Ambridge, Natasha Bennett and Hannah Roberts.

Individual winners: Hannah Roberts 800m, Kaya Sittamalin Main 800m.


U13 Boys.

As with previous YDL events this season, the majority of our U13 Boys team at Bromley were “lower age”, so these boys will gain valuable experience for next year.  14 new Personal Bests today amongst some great performances by all the U13 Boys.  PBs at Bromley:  Jack Benton in the 100m & the Long Jump; Thomas Morley in the 100m, 200m & the 75m Hurdles (busy day!!); Ethan Hawkins in the 800m & the 100m, Oliver Barrett in the 1500m; Joshua Aaron in the Javelin; Oliver Rice in the 800m & the Shot Putt; Joshua Williams in the Shot Putt; Robbie Hadleigh in the High Jump & the 800m.  Thomas Morley was also an individual winner in the 75m Hurdles B-Race.

U15 Boys.

A great day too for our U15 “seniors”, although the highlight for me was watching two of them spending some time coaching one of our U13 “first timers” in the finer points of 200m tactics.  Thank you Luke Turner & James Miller – yet another excellent example of the Team Spirit we shouldn’t take for granted.  Fewer PBs from our U15s when compared to the U13s, as less of these young men are trying an event for the first time!  PBs at Bromley:  James Southard in the 300m; Luke Turner in the 300m; Joel Cable in the Discus; James Gardner in the Hammer; Joe Carless in the Long Jump; Archie Glenister in the 100m & Tony Holley in the 800m.  We also had four individual winners:  James Gardner in the A-Hammer and the A-Shot Putt; Joshua Mears completing a Bracknell AC clean sweep in the U15 Shot by also winning the B-competition; and Archie Glenister winning the 100m NS.  Highly commended – Ben Macdonald again scoring valuable Pole Vault points.  Much appreciated bravery.

A great day by all, & two very proud Team Managers.  Our grateful thanks to all our Athletes & all the great support they had today from their parents, & especially those who helped officiate.

Thank you Fiona for all your fab shots.

Caroline and Gareth