Joel Cable Smashes his Under 15 Boys Indoor Penthalon Club Record

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Joel Cable broke his Indoor Penthalon club record this Sunday at Lee Valley by a massive 320 point with 5 PB's.

Joel started the day with 60 metre hurdles were he brought his time down to 10.00 sec's, then jumping over 5 metre's for the first time in competition in the Long Jump  with 5 metre 10 . Up next was the Shot Putt were Joel has been throwing consistantly well in training. Joel added over a metre onto his old PB ending the competition with 10.98 metre. Now on a roll took all these performances into the High Jump were he added 4 cm to his PB ending the competition with 1.51 metre.

With just the 800 ,metre left Joel knowing what work he has been doing in training , went into this race with a lot of confidence . Joel finished the day in style taking over 10 sec's off of his old PB finishing in a time of 2 min 34 . Converting all of these performances into points gave Joel a final total of 2157 points.

A great performance by one of the club many up and coming athletes.