Regional Sportshall Success

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Bracknell were well represented in the regional sportshall championships on Sunday the 6th.  The Berks U15 Boys came first, with Bracknell athletes James Southward, Matt Buckner and Joel Cable in the team, they will be off to the national final next month as part of the winning regional team.  The Under 13 boys picked up the silver medals like their Under 11 team mates the week before.  The Girls just missed out on the medals, the U15 and U13 teams both coming in 4th.

Berkshire U15 boys off to the National Sportshall Championships for the second consecutive year

Berkshire as always were the noisiest County at the Southern Regional Finals. No surprises there really! Bracknell had fourteen U13/U15 athletes selected and thus competing for Berkshire and they looked splendid in their Black.
The teams faired well with loads of athletes getting placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their events gaining individual medals. Highlights listed later.
Overall the U13 girls and U15 girls did well but alas were both just pipped to medals positions coming 4th overall. 
The U13 boys managed to get the silver spot, very near to the 1st place ...... only 9 points off, really gutted that they didn't make the Nationals.
and the wonderful surprise of the day was that the U15 boys came 1st again so are off to the National finals in April. We have three athletes in that squad of 7 - James Southard, Joel Cable and Matt Buckner. They were all chuffed beyond words as am I and all put out some excellent performances.


U15 boys getting to the Nationals! Whoooppp
Individually Matt came 13th overall and Joel Cable 20th. Matt came equal 4th in the 2 lap race and Joel 6th in the Standing long jump.
Berkshire came 2nd in the 8 lap paarlauf and 1st in the 4 x 2 relay. James Southard had he been a scorer would have got a joint silver for his speed bounce, sterling effort.

U13 boys coming 2nd overall and missing the nationals by just 9 points!
Individually Luke got 1dt place for the 2 lap race but the highlights were undoubtedly the trio of wins on the three relays - obstacle, 4 x 1 and 4 x 2.
Well done to both Sam and Luke for excellent performances.

U15 girls came 4th overall.
Individually Chante came 4th, Rebecca 7th, Connie 22nd, Natasha 26th ans Orla 31st.
Chante just missed out on individual medals for the shot and standing long jump coming 4th and 5th. Connie came 3rd in the 4 lap relay with team mate Natasha coming in 7th. Rebecca won the speed bounce and came 7th in the standing long jump. Connie and Natasha teamed up for the 8 lap paarlauf getting the Bronze medal and the 4 x 2 relay team came 3rd. Some super performances.

U13 girls came 4th overall
Well done to the 4 girls competing for Berkshire - Yasmin, Lucy, Abbie and Immy.
Individually Yasmin got 2nd place in shot and 4th place in the 4 lap race. the Berkshire team came 2nd in the 4 x 1 relay and 3rd in the 4 x 2 lap relay.

Thank you for a fantastic season and being such fantastic athletes.