2015 Alder Valley Girls Match 3 Basingstoke

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Thanks to everyone who took part in the Alder Valley Girls match today. It was a small squad but nicely formed!!
I am rushing off on holiday so I cannot produce a detailed report this time but it does look like we came 2nd at this match (provisional result) and as we have kept a consistent pace in the AVL this season, I hope we are in the top 5 clubs overall & get to compete for the trophy in September. We have to wait for confirmation.
I hope all the athletes enjoyed their afternoon, the wind made the home straight a bit tough but there were a splattering of PBs (but not many) so congratulations to all who achieved a PB.
Power of 10 should be updated on or just after Wednesday.
As always, a special thank you to all the girls who tried an event outside their comfort zone in order to secure a few more points for the team.