Development Group

We have a development group that operates on a term time basis of three 13 week blocks, Sep to Dec, Jan to Apr and May to July.  This is where those new to the club start and get their first experience of Athletics, we base our training on the UK Athletics 365 programme.  Children wishing to see what athletics is about are placed on the waiting list,, on a term time basis we ask those who have been on the list if they would like to join the development section, this has sessions on a Saturday, and Thursday.  The minimum age for the Saturday morning group is 8, and for Thursday evening is 9. For those in the development group we offer training on one day a week.  During the course of each term the children are assessed on ability, commitment and age and some will be invited to become full members, while others will remain in development to gain the endurance, balance and co-ordination required to advance. From the Development Group children progress to Development Plus, training twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, before being guided to specialist groups as the develop further.

Athletes must attend training with a drink and sufficient clothing layers as weather is unpredictable.


Coaching Group Articles

Sunday 5th April 2015

Welcome to Bracknell Athletic Development Group!