The Club has a number of groups that undertake coaching in various disciplines and to suit different age/skill levels.
Coaching take place at the Bracknell Athletic Track and some coaches also provide additional coaching sessions.

Coaching Courses

Details of the new England Athletics coaching courses are now available. For more information on the courses visit the coaching information pages at England Athletics:

Development Group

We have a development group that operates on a term time basis of three 13 week blocks, Sep to Dec, Jan to Apr and May to July.  This is where those new to the club start and get their first experience of Athletics, we base our training on the UK Athletics 365 programme.  Children wishing to see what athletics is about are placed on the waiting list,, on a term time basis we ask those who have been on the list if they would like to join the development section, this has sessions on a Saturday, and Thursday.  The minimum age for the Saturday morning group is 8, and for Thursday evening is 9. For those in the development group we offer training on one day a week.  During the course of each term the children are assessed on ability, commitment and age and some will be invited to become full members, while others will remain in development to gain the endurance, balance and co-ordination required to advance. From the Development Group children progress to Development Plus, training twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, before being guided to specialist groups as the develop further.

Athletes must attend training with a drink and sufficient clothing layers as weather is unpredictable.


Shot and Discus

Andy Hughes coaches Shot, Discus and Hammer


Jumps Coaching

Liz Marlow provides High Jump coaching with Long and Tripple Jump Coaching bring provided by Roger Graham.

Javelin Coaching

John Bouchard is a Level 2 Throws Coach concentrating on Javelin.

He coaches at all levels, but particularly at Beginner level, enjoying teaching enthusiasts to throw and to improve so that they are capable of attaining County and National Schools level.

John encourages the squad to support each other in training, and to strive to achieve personal bests, through competing for the club and individual competition.

He has been helping at the Club for some twenty years and is also a Level 5 Field Judge.


Hurdles & 400m Coaching

The Sprints and Hurdle for Men, Women, Boys and Girls lead by Ken Spencer. Training for Sprints up to 400mtr and Hurdles is taken and assisted by: Ken Spencer, Derrick Nixon and Adrian Brown, assisted by, Paula Russell, Roger Graham.

As coaches we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that athletes who train have the best possible training, tailor made to their own individual needs, in return all we ask is the athletes show the same level of commitment to their training and compete for the Club when asked.

Training groups are split by age groups and ability with the aim of challenging the athlete to push their own fitness level, starting athletes by gaining basic fitness and to try other athletic events as part of their education.

Technical improvement of sprinting or hurdling style is fundamental to advance in athletic events and to remain fit and minimising risk of injury. As coaches we frequently attend UKA local and national courses looking at enhancing our technical and training techniques.

Often athletes meet and socialise outside of training. The goal is to allow the athlete to enjoy their athletic experience, feel fit and challenge themselves in training, maximising their potential and jointly set the athletes race performance targets. A fit body has a fit mind.


Middle Distance Coaching - Girls/Women

The middle distance/endurance group for girls is led by Les Rayment, Ruth Read and Mike Barnard. We meet at 6.10 in the clubhouse on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and use a variety of locations to train, either on the track, at South Hill Park or at various hills around Bracknell. The group is divided into smaller sub groups depending on age, fitness and ability. A new member of the group is never expected to train at the same level as the established members. As fitness levels improve the girls are invited to join our weekend training sessions at the Lookout, where we either complete a training session or go for a steady run.

Although our training sessions are hard we believe the girls have fun, all our girls enjoy competing and most stay at competitions to watch their friends race, most of the girls socialise outside training nights.

The girls range in age from 10 years - 19 years.

As coaches we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the girls who train with us have the best possible training, tailor made to their own individual needs, in return all we ask is that the girls show the same level of commitment to their training and compete when asked.


Middle Distance - Bev Kitching

Bev Kitching is a seasoned Level 3 UKA Endurance Coach and retired athlete, with over 30 years’ athletics experience and 10 years as a skilled middle distance coach at National Level for young athletes. Her success at this level is 8 Gold, 5 Silver and a Bronze awarded to athletes coached by her. Bev’s coaching expertise expands beyond the club; as this year’s GB Under 20’sTeam Coach at the European Cross Country Championships in Belgrade and an annual Elite Coach at the Virgin Mini Marathon Camp ( invitation only residential camp for the top UK athletes aged 14 to 17 years) ensuring she can always share the latest coaching practices with her squad.

The Training

As a coach Bev Kitching is 100% committed to athlete centred coaching . Effective training is given to get you fitter, stronger and faster,helping you achieve your goals with solid plans and mixed sessions to prevent staleness and repetition. Training is always progressive to ensure your goals are achieved. Athletes are most welcome to join the squad. You will need to be serious about your running and be prepared to train hard and in return you will be given plenty of encouragement, feedback post training and racing. If you feel that I can help you in anyway feel free to come and have a chat.